Weight Loss Treatment

Do people need a Crash diet in order to lose weight? Or to try a healthy alternative treatment, such as acupuncture but without any side effects.

Everybody knows what are the down feelings of stepping on the scale to find the weight has creeping on with extra pounds? But do all people in UK need to go on diet? Very recently Public Health in England proposed a drive to cut the people’s calorie intake by 20% by the year 2024!!!!!

The Government agency is challenging restaurants, retailers and manufacturers to slash portion sizes improve ingredients and change marketing tactics. It asks people to split their main calorie intake to only 3 traditional meals a day, which means 400 calories for Breakfast, 600 for Lunch and 600 for Dinner. It is known that the daily adult requirement is to consume 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men. However, the recommendation comes as adults consume extra 200 to 3000 calories or an extra meal more than they should in a day.

Recent clinical research trial has indicated that rapid weight loss results in much more muscle wasting that slow, gradual and steady sliming. Physiologically, the muscle fibres are better at burning off calories than fat which means that if they have less muscle, less energy will be used and so the weight will start to creep again. In that research trial by Dutch researchers (presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Sofia, Bulgaria 2014), one group of people was on a very low calorie diet for 5 weeks and other group on a less strict diet for 12 week. They put a protocol of eating plans for those people which was designed so that both groups lost the same amount of weight over different timescales. They also measured the volunteers’ free fat mass – all the tissue in the body apart from fat – at the start and at the end of the diet. It is the way of measuring how much muscle is lost, as other parts of the body – organs, blood and bones – are not affected by dieting. Both groups lost similar amounts of weight – but those on the very low calories lost much more muscle. Even after 30 days after coming off their diet, they have already lost almost 3 times as much as those who had lost weight more slowly.

On one hand, the Crash diet can lose 50% of their strength within just two weeks and this can leave them feeling so weak, so that feast on the foods they have denied themselves- and they rapidly put on weight. On other hand, the idea that most of the “weight” that is lost is water which replaced on eating normally and fat slimmer doesn’t learn how to eat healthy day, day out, so as they return to normal, unhealthy diets they simply start gaining weight again.

Is Acupuncture the best alternative for weight loss? how does it help?

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Chinese acupuncture can be a valuable adjunct therapy to your weight loss program. In recent clinical research trial, a study was conducted on two groups of 20 women age between 22 and 42 with BMI (Body Mass Index) higher than 27. One group of women followed a regimen of a 2,000 calorie per day diet plus daily exercise with twice weekly sessions of acupuncture treatments. This group of women lost on average more than twice as much weight as those in the second group of women who only dieted and exercised, even if they did not comply exactly with the treatment plan.

The acupuncture mechanism in weight loss is by treating the physical, psychological and emotional components of weight problem. The followings are the benefit the patient can get when he/she is trying to lose weight:

a) To control Food Cravings: The acupuncture treatment works to stop and curb food cravings in the same way as it has been proven to help cravings for other addictive substances like tobacco and alcohol. Therefore, Chinese acupuncture helps to stop cravings and supports the will power to overcome these problems.

b) To normalize the metabolism: Acupuncture also works to regulate metabolism. In certain cases, irregular eating habits, excessive eating and thyroid dysfunction may contribute to slow metabolism. However, acupuncture may increase the metabolism by stimulating the thyroid and other endocrine glands so that the body will physiologically adjust to the changes in the diet and exercise

c) To induce Tranquilization and Relaxation: The acupuncture needling can stimulate the release of good feeling natural hormone (endorphin) which is calming and relaxing the mind and body. The natural release of endorphins eliminates stress, frustration and anxiety which are the main causes for emotional eating, overeating and bingeing on fattening foods.

d) To normalize Digestion: Over time, things like crash diets, irregular eating habits and excessive greasy or fattening foods all take their toll on the digestion. Chronic symptoms such as bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation or diarrhoea are all signs that the digestive system is out of balance. Acupuncture can help to harmonize the digestive organs so that you are symptom-free. Proper digestion ensures that you are getting the nutrients you need from your food so you feel less hungry.

e) To Detoxify: Acupuncture treatments during weight loss help to cleanse your system. Toxins that have been built up over time from excess weight and adipose tissue can cause symptoms such as fatigue, acne and depression. These can be relieved or eliminated with acupuncture, whether or not you are trying to lose weight.

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