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Acupuncture Treatment in Derby

ACUMEDICA CLINIC at Derby Nuffield Health Hospital is the number one acupuncture clinic in East Midlands. It provides the best acupuncture therapy which is focused on achieving each patient’s health and wellness naturally through Integrative Western and Traditional Chinese acupuncture.
Our consultant acupuncturist, Dr Tukmachi usually works with comprehensive consultations, quality treatments and compassionate care to restore the patient’s body to a natural state of health.
The clinic also will help the patients to resolve health problems; be pain free, relaxed and de-stressed; and enjoy a renewed vitality for life.

We have a Highly qualified & Certified Acupuncturist at Acumedica Clinic at Nuffield Hospital derby which provides best treatment for various disorders naturally, holistically, inexpensively, and effectively.

For booking an appointment contact us immediately
Appointment Secretary:0207 602 6745
Mobile: 077378 55622
Acupuncture Specialist :078146 96437

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