Tennis Golfer Elbow Treatment

Treatment of Tennis elbow (Epicondylitis) and Golfer’s elbow by Chinese and Western acupuncture

Firstly, these two disorders are not related to playing tennis or Golf, but affecting the muscles and tendons of the elbow joint when becomes damaged from overuse. The signs and symptoms of these conditions are mainly pain and tenderness on the inside and outside of the elbow. In conventional Western medicine, painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications have less or no significant effects on these problems. Other physical therapies, such as wearing Orthotic devices of rest band, braces or splint have been proved to be unhelpful. Furthermore, physiotherapy, massage and exercise are also not very helpful in treatment of tennis and golfer’s elbow. Sometimes GPs or Orthopedic surgeons or Orthopedic surgeonsprescribed steroid injection and/or surgical intervention, but these treatments are not used as a standard therapy because of their side effects and complications.

There is no clinical evidence to indicate that steroid injection has a long-term improvement after one orThe Chinese and Western Acupuncture therapy (manual and electrical acupuncture) can help to ease pain and improve stiffness in both Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow for long-term period. The clinical evidence suggested that acupuncture is to confer an analgesic effect and to relief pain and its associated dysfunction. Many GPs and Musculoskeletal specialists are often recommended acupuncture for treatment of tennis and Golfer’s elbow.

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