Acumedica Clinic Wolverhampton

Acupuncture clinic Wolverhampton

Welcome to ACUMEDICA CLINIC at Wolverhampton Nuffield Health Hospital which provides the Chinese and Western acupuncture (Manual, electrical and laser acupuncture) by Professional Acupuncturists who treated various painful and no-painful disorders.

One of our consultants, Dr. Tukmachi is well experienced and passionate in the field of acupuncture and always restoring patients back to their healthy lives.

In October 2016, Acumedica was celebrating 15 years of its family’s specialty in Acupuncture and treating over 10,000 clients in West Midlands. It is a privilege to carry out this family profession to bring forth healthy lives in our community.

For booking an appointment at Acumedica wolverhampton clinic contact us immediately
Appointment Secretary:0207 602 6745
Mobile: 077378 55622
Acupuncture Specialist:078146 96437

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