Traditional Chinese acupuncture treatments

Do you suffer from these problems in 2019? Stress, still smoking and/or put on weight. Find out how the Traditional Chinese acupuncture treatments (plus the changes in life style) can help in resolving these problems?

If you suffer from STRESS after the Christmas & New year are over, this may cause emotional, psychological, and even physical problems. In Chinese Medicine, the emotional stress can disturb the flow of vital energy (Qi) through certain types of body meridians. This disturbance in the energy balance may lead to various signs and symptoms such as aggravation of already troublesome health conditions, sleeping pattern disturbance, aches and pain, indigestion, headaches, menstrual irregularities and, over time, more serious illnesses can develop. Usually during the stress period, the bad hormones (such as adrenaline and nor adrenalin) will be released with overproduction leading to fatigue, mental depression, suppression to the immune system with bad effect on physical and psychological abilities of the body.

The ACUPUNCTURE may play a major role in helping the immune system and allow the smoothly movement of vital energy by removing the blockages and alleviate not only the symptoms of stress and anxiety, but the stress and anxiety itself. In western view of how acupuncture works in stress, the recent clinical research trials indicated that acupuncture can release the good feeling hormones such as Endorphin (like synthetic morphine) and cortisol (Like synthetic Steroid) which could alleviate the signs and symptoms of stress, such as palpitation, high blood pressure and muscular aches and pain. With acupuncture, each stressed patient should adopt a certain healthy life styles with regards to exercises, meditation and diet. We conclude that acupuncture is the best effective treatment for symptoms of stress Sas well as in anxiety and depression.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment derby
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment nuffield wolverhampton
Some useful body acupuncture points used for treatment of stress and stress related disorders such as anxiety, phobias and depression.
It is well known that SMOKING is not an addiction but a social habit. Each cigarette has hundreds of harmful chemicals, carcinogenic materials and other toxins such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT. They may cause premature deaths, emphysema, lung cancer, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, chronic cough and lowering the immune system leading to an increase in frequency of colds and flu.

The ACUPUNCTURE treatment is usually helping to stop that habit by treating the withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness (or even nervous breakdown), irritability, anxiety and over eating as well as craving for smoking. The statistics indicated that most smokers might attempt to give up smoking twice or more during their life, before they seek help to finally kicking this nasty habit. The smokers who tried other conventional methods to quit smoking by using methods such as nicotine patches or psychotherapy have failed and they often look for alternative medicine, like acupuncture for a successful and better outcome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment derby
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment nuffield wolverhampton

Ear Acupuncture therapy for stop smoking which shows the needling of some useful Ear acupuncture points: Lung point and Heart point (Shenmen).

To conclude, Acupuncture is a successful alternative treatment for stop smoking by taking all the symptoms into account and targeting the balance of energy within the body to optimize treats the symptoms that all smokers complained from during quitting, such as cravings, irritability and restlessness. However, Acupuncture is not a magic cure in stop smoking but make it much easier to quit and remain smoke-free for good.


It is obvious that many people during the Christmas and New Year festive have changed their diet habit and indulged more food and drinks. Eventually, that change in life style during the Festive season will end in putting piles of pounds in weight. Therefore, Weight loss comes under the topic of "Weight Control", because we are concerned with the loss and MAINTENANCE of loss of weight. The role of acupuncture in weight control is again not a magic treatment but make it easy for people with overweight to lose and then maintain that loss. This can be achieved if the patient is willing to adopt a healthy life styles during and after the acupuncture course of treatment. However, we do not know the acupuncture works in reducing weight but we know that the needling of specific points on the ears and body releases the good feeling hormones such as endorphins which have a calming and relaxing effect that makes it easier to deal with stress, frustration and anxiety that can trigger overeating and bingeing on fattening foods. Furthermore, endorphins affect the digestive and hormonal systems so acupuncture can help rebalance the organ systems that are running too fast- or in this case too slow–i.e., the metabolism and the will power.

The course of ACUPUNCTURE treatment for weight control depends on the patient's goals for losing weight, the speed at which they want to lose, and their commitment to keeping the weight off. If the overeating is severe, a treatment every day for the first five days is appropriate and can then taper off the second week to every other day and the third week to e very three days.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment derby
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment nuffield wolverhampton
Useful acupuncture points used for losing weight include body and ear acupuncture points
For the average patient who wants to lose between five to ten pounds, one treatment every three days or twice a week until they reach their goal is appropriate, and then a booster treatment once every two weeks is optimal. After a few booster treatments, the patient and practitioner will mutually decide when to terminate frequent treatments and then can aim to meet approximately four times a year at the change of seasons when energy levels are unstable and tonification and harmonizing of one's system is appropriate for everyone.

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