Acupuncture Treatment for Men's Health

How does Acupuncture help men’s Health problems such as prostate, heart and circulatory disorders and mental disorders?

By: Dr Tukmachi, Clinical Director of Acumedica Clinics
acupuncture treatment for mens health

Chines acupuncture has been known as the best alternative therapy for men's health compared to that with various Western treatments. In recent years there has been increasing interest in popularity of acupuncture for treatment of many men’s health issues, such as cardiovascular diseases, prostate disorders and mental diseases.

Prostate disorders
The prostate hypertrophy (enlargement) is the main problem facing men at certain age. This disorder mostly affecting half of men in their sixties and up to 90 percent of men as they approach their seventies and eighties. The signs and symptoms presentation with benign prostate gland enlargement are:
- Increase in frequency of night time urination,
- Possibility of future prostate cancer or complications such as difficulty and sometimes painful on passing water, urinary tract infections, bladder or kidney damage, bladder stones, and incontinence.

Acupuncture can help prostate problems by controlling the associated urinary signs and symptoms. Recent scientific research studies on acupuncture treatment of prostate disorders culminated in positive results and concluded that patients participating in these studies achieved marked improvements in the quality of life of with significantly decrease in urinary difficulties and increase in urinary function.

Heart and circulatory Diseases
Heart and circulatory disorders are regarded as the main men's health threat, such as heart diseases and Stoke which are the first and second leading causes of death worldwide. The Introduction of Chinese acupuncture a long side Western treatment for management of these disorders with implementing a healthy lifestyle, might significantly reduce the risk of heart and circulatory diseases.

In order to improve the health and also to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the best measures of prevention for these disorders are:
- High blood pressure management
- Stop smoking
- Reduce weight, stress and alcohol consumption
- To have regular exercises (particularly daily brisk walking for at least 20 minutes)

Therefore, acupuncture can increase the levels of good feeling hormones (such as endorphins and natural cortisol) and reduce the unwanted hormones (such as adrenaline and nor adrenaline) thus lowering blood pressure. Furthermore, such release in good feeling hormones will lead to decreases in the heart's activity and reduces the demand for more oxygen and in turn, lowers blood pressure.

Depression and Mental Health

acupuncture therapy for weightlossmens health

Recent report by Men’s health network reports stated that men are more likely to have mental problems than women and they are four times more commonly to commit suicide than women. The mental problems in men may be related to undiagnosed depression. In the United Kingdom, the National Institute of Mental Health reported that more than 8 million men may suffer from depression each year. The mental problems in men are considered to be hidden disorders as men are usually tended to hide feelings of depression and not seeking medical help. Usually the clinical picture of depression in men is presented as extreme sadness associated with anger, aggression, burnout, risk-taking behaviour, mid-life crisis or alcohol and substance abuse.

From the pathological explanation of depression, the brain neuro-chemicals and stress hormones are out of balance. Therefore, patient with depression will suffer for sleeping pattern disturbances, losing appetite, and disturbances in body’s energy levels. The Chinese acupuncture has successful records in treating the symptoms associated with depression and mental health problems by releasing the natural tranquilizer and sedative (Endorphins) and by restoring the balance of the body's internal systems. Most scientific research studies in mental health treatment, support the significant positive results of acupuncture, not only in depression but also in anxiety and insomnia. One example of reported success of acupuncture in this issue is that from the military medical staff in USA who are now using acupuncture for treatment of their troops suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and combat stress syndrom

Would you like to know more about how acupuncture therapy can help men’s health disorders? Or if you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or from other mental health problems, acupuncture may be what you’ve been looking for to ease the problem and to restore your health.