The clinical picture of depression is usually giving the clews of how to help and support to bring the life back on the track. Depression is a disorder which has physical and psychological symptoms The patients with depression complain of bad sleeping habits, sobbing and crying , anxiety, worry, poor memory, lack of concentration, body aches, stomach disturbances and a lack of interest in activities previously enjoyed. In severe depression, the patients may have suicidal tendency (become helpless and hopeless about their lives).
Complaining from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or facing a difficulty to control long duration of depression has been proved to be never easy. Usually there is a clear picture of depression which has the following signs and symptoms:

- Anxiety. Hopelessness and feeling empty
The depression is characterised by different types of feelings such as anxiety, hopelessness, emptiness and even the general ideal of feeling overwhelmed with everyday life. If any person has an experience of such feelings, he needs help and support in natural way of healing such as Traditional Chinese acupuncture.
- Frequent crying and weeping
The day and night crying at different frequencies is the most common sign in depression, simply because the emotional disturbance is increasingly triggering tears.
– Lack of concentration
The difficulty in concentration and focusing on certain vital tasks is regarded as an alarming sign of depression,, such as focusing on work, looking after the home and the social relationships with other peoples.
– Easy fatigued and disturbance in sleeping pattern
All patients with different types of depression (whether mild or severe) may either be too tired and oversleeping or with a disturbed sleeping pattern.
- Loss of appetite
One of the significant clinical sign in depression is the loss or decrease in appetite, The patients with any type of depression may stop eating altogether when they lose the will to survive or work through any problems or issues they are experiencing.
– General pain and aches with lassitude and tiredness
The depression may be associated with other signs and symptoms such as general body aches, tiredness, malaise and constant feelings of sickness. These symptoms may complicate further the severity of depression.
– Lost interest in life and suicidal tendencies
Always the lost of interest in life and suicidal tendency should always be regarded as a serious consequences of depression. Furthermore, patient's depression is sometimes leading to self-harm and potential death, so that why the patient with depression should seek treatment options with less or no side effects. Acupuncture is regarded as the bets alternative option to resolve the problem of depression as quickly as possible.

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On one hand, in Western Medicine there are various treatment options for depression, including medications (such as anti-depressants, psychotherapy and tranquillizers), counselling and group therapies. On other hand,Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is regarded as a preventive rather than curative medicine in health care (including mental health conditions). In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture has various methods to restore energy imbalances in the body and it is very effective in treating various mental disorders. The Chinese medicine theory suggested that acupuncture, with insertion of fine needles in various points in the body, is to stimulate the body's energy (known as Qi) and then to correct the different patterns of depression. Each type of depression has various physical and mental signs and symptoms and acupuncture significantly treats each pattern distinctly. In relation to vital energy (Qi), two main types of symptoms are considered – Deficient in Qi (mostly chronic symptoms of bad memory, loss of appetite and tiredness) or Excess in Qi (symptoms such s as mania, aggressive agitation, angry outbursts, or anxiety). These symptoms are both mental and physical and caused by different patterns. IN SUMMARY most patients with various mental disorders, particularly with depression, consider complementary medicine as the best treatment, including acupuncture. This is because they would like to have a sort of treatment with no or fewer adverse side effects and works fast and efficiently. Those patients found that Chinese Medicine in general and acupuncture in particular, is less authoritarian, more empowering and with no or negligible side effects and complications compared to that in Western style Medicine. If you want to know further about the treatment of various types of depression by Traditional and Western Acupuncture and its effectiveness, please contact ACUMEDICA CLINICS